Bass Workout is one of the highlights of my music education. I learned how to get the most out of my limited practice time. This is really important to me, since I have family and work obligations, and limited practice time. Jim taught us how to make every minute count in a practice session. I can now spend an hour and accomplish what would have taken me three or more hours in the past.

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for all your teach and hospitality during my stay. I had a great time and really good experience. Now my head is clearer about walking bass and reading. You save my musicians life! I hope to visit you again sometime . But, then, I must already finish to learn books you gave me. And transcribe much. Please give my regards and special thanks to your wife, daughter and son.
Many thanks.
Noriki Kobayashi, Japan

I would like to thank you again for all of your help and guidance during the workshop. I am always grateful whenever I get to be in the presence of great musicians, and your lessons will kick my ass for a while to come.
Thanks. Greg J.

"I'm getting old, most of my hair is gone, and I'm essentially a beginner on the bass. It was intimidating to send in the check and commit, but was a really wise thing to do. The class became a fantastically supportive place to work, and the other participants were great. After four very cool days, I've decided to go for it, and "get good". What I saw and heard made it clear that this is doable."
Thanks a million,
Eric, New Hampshire

I think this Bass Workout will be a great experience for all bassist. We practiced from morning to evening everyday, it was much fun. And ordinary bassists may have no chance to play music with other bassists. It's a great study and interesting!! We played same song in same time so I could see other bassist's playing with my playing. If you are at a loss that you participate or not, I recommand you to participate. If you can't speak English, you could communicate with music!!
Masahiro Sawada, Osaka Japan

The concept of Jim's Bass Workout seems great to me. The idea of having some time to really focus on the art of bass playing in an intensive way with Jim as a teacher, is very appealing.
    As a high school student, studying with Jim Stinnett was more than just bass lessons. Jim taught me things about life. I learned about discipline and responsibility, and also worked on pushing in all kinds of new directions. Though Jim's playing is inspiring and deep, he encouraged me to find my own path and creativity along the way. Over time, I began to refer to Jim, not just as my teacher, but as my mentor. It is such a valuable thing to find someone who will inspire and guide you.
    Now my career has grown and I am thankful for huge successes. I will never forget the role Jim played. Even my band mates say things like, "It's a good thing you went to Stinnett back then; your hand position is so good," etc.
    I hope that many players are able to have this opportunity, like I did, to work closely with Jim.
Mike Gordon [Phish], 2003

Hi Jim,

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Workout and I thought it was very well run, with good content, a good focus on the right topics, and a very friendly atmosphere.
    I have to admit that I found it quite difficult and felt that I had never played so much out of time, out of tune, and grasping for creative inspiration, but it was a motivation to do some serious woodshedding.
    It really was a relief to find a workshop that is so focused and compressed and where I had the chance to play in a combo with some really great players. The minimal amplification and focus on listening was great. I also got my butt kicked by some young kids too and that's further motivation to put in some hard work.
    Thanks again,
 Adrian Ontario, Canada

Jim Stinnett's Bass Workout is a wonderful educational experience for bass players of all levels. I spent a day as a Guest Artist during the last Bass Workout. Jim Stinnett (fellow Berklee College faculty member) presented a clear process and high level information to student Bassists. Some students attending from as far away as Japan. Practice sessions and performances along with Jim's highly regarded Bass Method books keep students pumped up and productive during the three day workout. Keep up the good work Jim!
David Howard
Associate Professor
Berklee College of Music

Bass Workout